About Us


I’m Julia, Owner and Creative Director for Balmybee and I would love to fill you in how Balmybee came about. You never really know what kind of chemicals and nasties are in everyday products until you do the research. Lip balm has always been an essential in my life, I literally can’t go without it! I had been applying products on my skin what I thought was beneficial for me until I realized the harmful effects it could cause. So, I took it upon myself to do some research and create organic lip balms that have amazing benefits, smells wonderful, contains sustainable ingredients and aligns with my lifestyle.

During the pandemic is where the magic all begun, I started experimenting with all different kinds of organic and essential oils as well as butters to nail a lip balm that not only made my lips feel good but made me feel good too. I started giving them to my family and friends to try. It was a hit! Plus, I enjoyed creating it in my own authentic way. 

My mission is to make you feel confident and your lips to feel incredible. I want to inspire others to treat their lips with some organic loving and to be mindful of what’s being put onto their skin. 

Thank you for being apart of the Balmybee journey 

P.S. Always remember to love your lips! 

Love Julia x